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Stony Brook, Setauket, S. Setauket, Old Field & Port Jefferson Moving Checklist

Moving can be such a stressful undertaking that we often get distracted and forget to do the little things like forward our mail or change our driver's license address. Below we have two checklists to get you ready to move - organized differently for your preference.

Moving Boxes

Before You Move:


¨     Notify post office of address change, charge accounts, credit card companies, utility companies, past employer (for tax return purposes), subscriptions, family and friends, etc. of address change (1-800-275-8777)

¨     Close out local bank accounts and set up new bank account, if necessary

¨     Notify insurance companies of new location for coverage

¨     Obtain school records, legal records and other important documents

¨     Obtain medical records and history, transfer prescriptions, and research/request referrals for doctors, dentists, specialists, etc. in new town

¨     Use up perishables, defrost freezer, clean refrigerator

¨     Prepare large appliances and rugs for proper moving

¨     Disconnect utilities and get refunds for any deposits made (Utility information below.)

¨     Notify and register children in new school

¨     Request a relocation package from your REALTOR® or the city's Chamber of Commerce


On Moving Day:

¨     Double check rooms, closets, and cabinets for possible items left behind

¨     Make sure children have books and games to keep entertained during travel

¨     Prepare pets for transportation

¨     Carry jewelry and important documents on your person

¨     Leave all old keys needed for new resident with your REALTOR®


At Your New Address:

¨     Check on utility services - gas, electric, water, telephone, etc.

¨     If relocating to new state, register car within 5 days of arrival and apply for state driver's license

¨     If staying within state, obtain a driver's license with your new address on it

¨     Register children in school if you haven't done so already

¨     Set up new patient appointments with doctors, dentist, etc.

¨     Explore your neighborhood!


Household Reminders

  • Disconnect and settle accounts with utilities, cable and phone services.
  • Order utilities to be connected at new home.
  • Cancel any pre-authorized bill payments.
  • Have your mail forwarded to your new address.
  • Stop or forward all home deliveries, newspapers and magazines.
  • Start reviewing what is worth taking and what is not. Now is the best time to clear out those closets and start anew.

Utility Information

  • Cablevision Customer Service: 631-348-6700 or
  • Keyspan Energy (gas and electric): 1-800-930-5003 to turn on/off service; 1-800-490-0045 Emergency (*Turn off service at 5pm the day you vacate)
  • LIPA: 1-800-490-0025
  • AT&T: 1-800-205-6268 or
  • Verizon: 1-800-837-4966 or
  • Suffolk County Water Authority: 631-275-8777 or 
  • Stony Brook Water District: 631-751-0179
  • U.S. Post Office: 1-800-275-8777 or  
  • Call Oil Company for final reading 2 days prior to closing.

Packing and Moving

  • Make special arrangements for the moving of pets or plants.
  • Prepare a list of all items you want to carry to your new home (such as jewelry and other personal valuables).
  • Pick up all personal items at local businesses (dry cleaning, film, storage).
  • Service all appliances for the trip.
  • All gas appliances must be emptied. It is illegal for movers to carry flammable liquids.
  • Verify with your moving company the date, time of arrival and method of payment.
  • Take inventory of all items you are moving.
  • Get some cash for traveling expenses.
  • Service your car thoroughly.
  • Let a close friend or family member know your travel route and schedule.

Friends and Community

Records and Licenses

  • Obtain or transfer all medical and dental records.
  • Fill all prescriptions before leaving.
  • Change the address on your driver's license.
  • Change all billing addresses for credit cards.
  • Order checks with your new address.
  • Change address or transfer banking accounts and safety deposit boxes.
  • Leave a record of any security system codes for the new owners.

Insurance and Legal Stuff

  • Visit your lawyer. Sign all necessary papers.
  • Transfer insurance to your new home, or obtain new insurance. Notify your insurance company well in advance of the move and ask to have your policy reviewed.
  • Ensure your mover's insurance policies are adequate. If not, obtain your own.
  • If you rent, give written notice to your landlord.
  • Have all keys to your old home delivered to your REALTOR® or Lawyer.

Once a closing date has been established, call the following people with your new address and transfer date:


Michael Ardolino
Team Ardolino/Realty Connect USA
764 Route 25A
Setauket, NY 11733
Office: 631-941-4300
Direct: 631-941-6262
Fax: 631-675-1857

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